Enhanced security

There’s always the possibility that a paper statement can be lost or stolen in the mail while it’s on its way to your home. Additionally, unless you shred your documents, your information is still at risk once you throw it away. With e-statements, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that only authorized people are viewing your finances.

Access at your convenience

Whether you’re out on the town, relaxing at home or lounging on a beach, you can access your E-Statements any time, from anywhere. All you need is your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device.

  • Print Is Still an Option – If you are traveling to a remote location or simply “going off the grid,” you still have options. Just download your E-Statements on an electronic device and save them for offline viewing. And if need be, you can even print them off to have your documents in hand.

Declutter your life

Okay, so going paperless probably won’t declutter your whole life, but it will certainly help clean out your junk mail pile. This is helpful because it’s easy to miss an important statement if it’s hidden among the take-out coupons and credit card offers you don’t want. With e-statements, we’ll send you an email when your latest statement is ready for viewing so you know you’re not missing one.

It’s Easy to Sign Up

So, how do you start receiving E-Statements? It’s simple.

Just contact us 713-946-6513 and we will be happy help you through the process.

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